Vixen is Good, but too short on time

Vixen from CWSeed

One thing that always gets me excited is seeing a black superhero getting the spotlight. My excitement doubles when it’s a black female lead. So when I heard that the CW wa going to be creating a TV series off of Vixen, I was super excited and knew I had to watch it.

I’ll admit, the only thing that I really knew about Vixen before is that she was one of the superheroes included in the Justice League. I’d always see her lined up in the background with the other “lesser” heroes and always wondered exactly what her true powers where. so everything I’m seeing on the CW show is new information to me.

It’s a great show so far. There’s lots of action, mystery, and I just heard them name drop Anansi so I know there will be a lot of folklore and great characters ahead!

My only¬†complaint so far is that the show is usually no more than five minutes long. I”m getting way more questions than I’m getting answers during these mini episodes, but thankfully lthe action and snippets of info we do get is filling enough to tide us over until next week. Either way, I’ll keep tuning in to the show every Tuesday on the CW Seed. Hopefully the guys in the big chairs will see the buzz around the show and extend the time so Vixen can the fuller episode she deserves. And if this goes well, who knows what other heroes could get the TV spotlight?

I’m loving this show so far and give it a 4/5 because of it’s short time.